Our apps

03 July Store locator applications (re)invented

Strong points of our apps

Easy to use

Our apps do not look like any other one. No login or account needed, no specific configuration required. Just press the button and let the magic happen.


Nice is nice but not enough. Behind our pretty apps stands a big smart engine for highly reliable database, the kind that won’t let you down. Home made, just for you.


Our apps are available worldwide for iPhone, Windows Phone and Android. Because we stand for unity’n’peace among people.

A care for design

We are fond of beautiful objects and fluid user-experience and this is what we give to our apps. Look and feel at its best.


To improve our apps performance, quick and bugless, we code from native code. Windows Phone, iOS or Android, we avoid overlays, we avoid frameworks. Our aim is to stick as much as possible to OS recommandations. Who said crawlers? 😉


An 03 July app in every smartphone in the world.